Feb 19

The Ultimate Love Machines with Sex Toys

The Ultimate Love Machines with Sex Toys

Love Machines are far from being a novelty item.  They are sex toys like no other; they are designed to stimulate both him and her with a variety of sex toy attachments, including toys from the vac u lock series.

Love Machines thrust and pump to provide penetrating pleasure when and where you want it.  It can be used for vaginal or anal thrusting when combined with the beautiful designed, smooth, James Deen supercock, or the 9.5 inch Jeff Stryker wondercock.  The speed and force can be controlled to give you the ride you want.

Adjust the angle so you can take it doggy-style, or adjust again and lie on your back with the machine between your ankles.  Regardless of how you position it, the love machine will bring you to the orgasmic bliss you desire.  You can even lower yourself on to the love machine and get pounded hard from below.  The only limit is your imagination.


What is the Love Machine

Our Love Machines will become the favorite among your sex toys.  Straddle it vac u lock sex toys for love machineswhen lonely, or when you just want to play.  It will never say no, it will never be tired, and it will never disappoint.  Each time it sees you, it will be erect and ready to serve you — its master!  This sex toy will keep you up all night long if you let it!


Because the device adjusts into multiple positions, provides variable stroking and thrusting, as well as built in vibration and pulsation massage programs, you will grow to love your gentle giant sex toy like no other.  Add that to the complete collection of vac-u-lock toys available, and you will never run out of porn star sex toys!


love machine automatic dick suckerWhat about Sucking Love Machines Sex Toys

Ask and ye shall receive.  Have you ever watched a video of a milking farm and wondered why no one could perfect the same equipment to remove “milk” from a man??  Over the years, there have been many different toys designed to “automatically” provide satisfaction to a man.  Some stroked up and down; others spun around making both heads dizzy.  But then “the Milker” was born.

The Milker was designed to simulate the same motion and actions that you see at a milking farm.  There are no “moving parts” inside the tube — it is strictly made up of suction and friction being generated from the suction.  Suck-pause-suck-pause repeat over and over.

It can also be used on the nipples and clitoris, or the head of the penis only, with the small suction tube included in the kit.

To see it in action, click here, for an age-restricted video.






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